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We have access to an incredible amount of tires, alloy and steel rims. We can help you decipher what brand and type of tire best suit your vehicle, your driving habits and the conditions you drive in and on.

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Tire rotation
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These are examples of typical recommended tire rotations. Tires are expensive to replace, so rotating your tires at regular intervals will help increase the life and performance of your tires.

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Tire Change Over

When is a good time to change over your tires? Easy way to remember when it’s time…on with the candy at Halloween…off with the candy at Easter. Or another way is when we switch daylight savings and standard time.

Ride safe, ride smart.

Tire Repair
tire repair

A tire that has a 6mm or less puncture or cut in the repairable area can safely be repaired. The tire will need to be replaced for larger punctures, or holes and cuts on the shoulder or sidewall of the tire.

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Winter Tires

Nothing is better for traction and control on snow and ice than winter tires marked with the peaked mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall. The advanced rubber composition and aggressive tread design gives superior performance over all-season tires.

Make sure to tell your insurance company, they offer policy discounts when you use winter tires.

tire repair services

Wheel Alignments

A wheel alignment is a simple description for a relatively complicated, complex process that brings your vehicles suspension back into proper position. A correctly aligned vehicle will help avoid excessive tire wear, drivability and control problems in all road and weather conditions.

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Tire Storage

Off season tires should be stored upright (to help retain shape), in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, extreme heat and ozone sources (electric motors). If you have to store your tires flat (one on top of the other), make sure the weight is not crushing the bottom tire. Store them clean, dry, free of gas, grease or other substances that can deteriorate rubber.

Be Tire Smart
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Be tire smart, play your part!

P – Check tire pressures regularly

A – Have an alignment check periodically

R – Rotate your tires as recommended

T – Measure tread depth and tire condition

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