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Transmission fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid, engine coolant or anti-freeze and brake fluids are your vehicles life blood. And like blood, these fluids have vehicle specific ‘types’. These fluids are utilized in lubricating and cooling and will break down over time and may require maintenance due to moisture, contamination or extreme operating temperatures and conditions. You’re automotive maintenance schedule, car care specialist or auto mechanic may suggest you flush or change those fluids when time and mileage or fluid condition warrants.

A fluid change is basically a drain and fill, draining out the old fluid and replacing with new. To fully flush those systems, on the other hand, requires an additional step. This extra step involves rinsing and cleaning the entire system by running clean fluid with specialized cleaners through the system with the help of designated flush equipment. Performing a true fluid flush helps ensure there are no contaminants, or at least is little as possible, left in the system when the new fluid is added.

A transmission fluid change or flush and an engine coolant or radiator flush are two automotive maintenance services most frequently recommended by vehicle maintenance schedules. Following your vehicle manufacture’s recommended maintenance schedule will prolong the life of those systems, save you time, money and keep your automotive warranty intact.

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