Oil Change and Maintenance Inspection

An oil change, new oil filter, lubrication and automotive maintenance inspection is one of the most common and cost effective automotive services you can perform to prolong the life and affordability of your vehicle. 

Our extreme hot and cold Canadian climate puts us into the ‘severe driving conditions’ category in your car maintenance schedule. Engine oil and the special additives in the oil will start to break down over time and use and become less effective in protecting your vehicles engine – so time is as important as mileage. An easy rule of thumb to follow is to have an oil change performed every 5000-6000km or 4-5 months whichever comes first. 

Professional automotive repair centers, like ours, usually offer lots of extra benefits when performing an oil change. Most car repair facilities will also do an automotive maintenance inspection and give you a full written report of the inspection. 

Following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule will prolong the life of your car and keep your automotive warranty in effect. We use parts and fluids that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications. So, having your oil change performed here will not void any manufacturer’s warranties.

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