Heating and Air Conditioning

Modern vehicles are designed to have a constant flow of fresh air that keeps the windows clear and the interior comfortable to a chosen temperature even with the windows closed.

Automotive Heating System

Lack of heat in the winter can require car repairs to the; sensors, thermostat, heater core, fan and blower motor, or the directional flow actuators and air blend doors. Sometimes small animals can make their way into the vent pipes and hoses and set up house. As Iím writing this, our auto mechanic is currently performing a very labour intensive mechanical service dismantling a dash board and is removing gobs and gobs AND GOBS of squirrel nesting material from that vehicle!

Automotive Air Conditioning

Lack of cold air when the air conditioning is activated in the summer requires different diagnostics, mechanical services and automotive repairs to an entirely different set of components even though the air conditioning basically shares the same air delivery system of blower motor and flow actuators.

Modern automotive air conditioning consists of basically the same components of any air conditioning unit. By law, leak tests and air conditioning repairs can only be performed by someone with Ozone Depletion Prevention (ODP) training and an ODP certificate with equipment capable of collecting and capturing ozone depleting substances.

When you notice one or the other system starting to fail, contact your trusted auto mechanic or car repair specialist. They can inspect and test those systems and pin-point the automotive service required to repair the fault and help you keep your head cool or your feet warm.

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