Exhaust and Muffler

The exhaust system on modern vehicles is designed to carry toxic and noxious gases away from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The exhaust system also contributes to providing the best possible fuel efficiency, cut emissions and keep the engine running smoothly. The worst enemy of an exhaust system is corrosion or rust caused by moisture reacting internally and externally with the iron in the steel of the components. 

Exhaust systems in today’s vehicles that may be included in an exhaust repair can comprise of an exhaust manifold, the manifold gasket set, catalytic converters, intermediate pipes, resonator pipes, oxygen sensors, the exhaust muffler assembly, the tail pipe, bolt and spring kits, hangers, and various gaskets and insulators.

When you start to notice noise, strange smells or poor gas mileage contact your automotive mechanic for an exhaust system inspection and exhaust repair where required. They can pin-point the fault before the vehicle wakes up the neighbourhood.

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