Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair

The dash light symbols are your vehicles way of communicating with you for automotive maintenance or car repair.

The check engine dash light is probably the most misunderstood dash light indicator on your vehicle. This dash light can mean anything from a loose gas cap to a seriously misfiring engine. It usually doesn’t mean pull over and call a tow truck but rather ‘Hey, you out there, I need some attention from your favourite auto mechanic or car repair specialist as soon as possible!’

Green light, yellow light, red light…like traffic lights, your dash lights indicate similar meanings. 

A green or blue dash light is generally a normal operating colour that may indicate high beam lights or low washer fluid. A yellow or orange dash light typically indicates medium importance that should be assessed as soon as possible. And a red (or beeping or flashing red, yellow or orange) dash light indicates a serious malfunction or safety hazard that requires urgent attention. Pull over as soon as safely possible, turn off the ignition and seek immediate service.

Don’t ignore that check engine dash light, and especially don’t cover it up with a piece of tape, you won’t see it if it starts flashing or if any other dash lights come on too. If any of the dash lights start flashing and beeping then it’s time to pull over immediately and call that tow truck!

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