Brake Maintenance and Brake Repairs

Brakes. A simple, small word but boy is it a mouthful! 

Pads, rotors, drums, shoes, brake fluid, brake calipers, brake hardware, parking or emergency brakes, front brakes, rear brakes, master cylinder, ABS, dash lights, steel lines, hydraulic lines, full replacement or brake maintenance service only…..where to start…….or rather where to stop!

The brakes on every vehicle are a normal wearable system and will require a brake maintenance service and/or periodic replacement of parts depending on your driving habits. Symptoms of brake problems may include: low brake fluid level, dragging or sticking brakes, a brake squeal, a pulsating brake pedal, grinding noises, a low brake pedal or pulling when applying the brakes. Having our licensed automotive mechanics perform a brake inspection on your vehicle will keep you up to speed on the condition of your braking system. This will let you plan ahead for that brake maintenance service or brake repair, so your brakes don’t get to the ‘metal-on-metal must be done now’ unplanned surprise.

When you start to notice longer stopping distances or noises contact your automotive service provider. They can do a brake inspection and pin-point what’s not stopping you.

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