Battery and Charging System

Vehicle charging systems consist of the Alternator, a Voltage Regulator, the battery, the inter-connecting wiring, sensors and serpentine belts. Modern vehicles use a ton of electricity to send power to the starter motor to start the ignition and run all the other modern electrical equipment in today's vehicles. 

Automotive batteries are rechargeable and require a charging system to keep them topped up, this is where the alternator comes in. If one of the components in the charging system stops working and your battery dashboard warning light comes on, your battery may soon be drained. That dashboard light doesn’t always mean the alternator has failed, it could also mean the battery may have a bad cell and is preventing it from recharging.

When you start to notice an electrical system power drain when under heavy electrical use (using wipers, heater, lights, phone charger or dvd player all together) or a ‘sluggishness’ when starting your car contact your car repair specialists. At Almar Automotive we can determine if a battery replacement or other automotive maintenance or car repair is required. We can perform an AVR test and pin-point the fault and get you all charged up and ready for your day, before the vehicle unexpectedly lets you down.

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