New Car Warranty Facts....

Myth vs Fact

It’s no secret that the dealership that sold you your new vehicle would like to see you back for regular automotive maintenance and car repairs. And why not, you are a smart, wonderful consumer and you’ve just invested a huge amount of money to get the ride of your dreams.

However, you will never see it in writing that taking your new vehicle to your favourite auto mechanic or car repair specialist for regular automotive maintenance or non-warranty car repair work (ie free to you) will void the warranty. The Consumer Protection Act and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents dealerships and manufacturers from making those claims.

What will void the warranty is not following the recommended mechanical services published in the automotive maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Read that manual, follow the recommended automotive maintenance schedule; use the right fluids and the right parts at the right time and your automotive warranty stays intact.

Imagine a market where all consumers are fully aware of their automotive warranty rights and can confidently choose their preferred car repair service center based on relationships, service and price!

AIA Canada Aftermarket Service and Warranty Statement

AIA USA Myth - only car dealers can service vehicle under warranty.

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