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Be it ever so humbleÖ.a bit about us!

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The 1970ís

Al and Marg met during the final years of the decade that brought us bell bottoms and disco. Al began his automotive service technician career predominantly at Asian import dealerships in and around Guelph. (Datsun, Honda, Renault and other makes long lost to history.)

The 1980ís

During the early part of the decade; Al and Marg tie the knot, move to Barrie and start their family. Al further hones his mechanical, technical and diagnostic skills on domestic and import vehicles at local dealerships and aftermarket service centers.

The 1990ís

Al and Marg are busy raising their 3 daughters and active in the community. By the late nineties, they embark on a new journey together. They open Almar Automotive in 1998 at the Petro Canada on the corner of Big Bay Point Road and Yonge St in Barrie. 

Choosing a name that embraces professionalism, personality and who they are evolved into Almar Automotive. Almar...AL...MARg...ALMAR Automotive Ltd. 

The 2000ís

The early part of the decade brings a location change for Almar. This location offers a new modern facility but still provides the same Professional Quality, Hometown Service our friends and clients alike have come to expect. Almar celebrates 10 years in 2008. Al and Marg continue to be active volunteering in the community and within the automotive industry.  

The 2010's

As time passes and children grow and venture into their careers, Al and Marg continue to be active in the community and stay current with todayís trends and technology. They continue the tradition of pride of workmanship and honest business practices. 2018 marks another milestone of 20 years for Almar Automotive. 

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