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Our Services - Almar Automotive Ltd.

Remember the 'Lever' soap commercial 'for all your 3000 parts.' From the tip of your nose to the bottom of your toes. As complex and complicated as humans are, there are only 2 models, always have been and always will be.

But when it comes to our mode of transportation, our 2 models of humans excel at creating every imaginable and ingenious mechanism and style of automobile conceivable.

Bigger, better, faster, safer, quieter, sleeker, cleaner, smoother.

Long live human creativity (those who love to invent) and long live human curiosity (those who love to fix). Without which, even the simple wheel would not exist.

So, we see the fruits of the inventors labour every day, on every continent on the planet. What we don't always see or even give a second thought to is the multitude of men and women dedicated to keeping this massive fleet of transportation rolling on down the road until something goes 'kerput'.

As an a non-brand specific independent maintenance and repair facility we see, hear and feel 'kerputs' from just about every make and model of vehicle. From fuel-efficient sub-compacts to family size vans and SUV's, to workhorse pickups and even your leisure time RV or trailer.

We want to help you to avoid as many 'kerputs' as possible, they're usually costly, inconvenient, time-consuming endeavors. Every vehicle has a maintenance schedule set out by the manufacturer. By maintaining your vehicle according to this schedule, you'll help keep your driving trouble-free while preserving the longevity of your vehicle, not to mention enhancing its resale value. We will help you keep your vehicle as 'kerput' free as possible by following this schedule.

But folks, on a serious note, owing, operating and maintaining a vehicle is the most costly thing that most people do, second to buying and owning a house.

We take what we do very seriously, we invest heavily in the training of our staff and the tooling of our shop to be able to offer you complete, expert maintenance, services and repairs.

Below is a 'short' line up of all the 3000 parts and systems on your vehicle that we can maintain, service and repair for you. From the tip of your nose to the bottom of your toes.

  •     Manufacturers recommended service & maintenance interval schedules
  •     MOT Safety Inspections
  •     Tire Sales, Service and Flat Repair
  •     Check Engine, ABS & airbag light diagnostics & repair
  •     Engine cooling service & repair
  •     Drive line service & repair
  •     Fuel system diagnostics & repair
  •     Steering gear linkage & pumps
  •     Lube oil and filter
  •     Pre-purchase & Pre-trip Inspections
  •     Computerized Alignments
  •     Battery & charging system diagnostics & repair
  •     Air Conditioning & Heating System
  •     Transmission Service & Repair
  •     Front and Rear Suspension
  •     Mufflers & Exhaust

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