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Winter Tires

Winter Tire Changing in Barrie

winter tiresNothing is better for traction and control on snow and ice during Canadian winters than snow tires. Already, the province of Quebec has passed a law making snow tires mandatory. And so far, they are the only province with such a law, but other provinces are considering it.

The rubber compound in all-season tires start to lose elasticity when temperatures fall below +7*C. They become rigid and hard compromising traction and control. But the advanced rubber composition and aggressive tread design in winter tires or snow tires allow them to remain more pliant, helping the tire grip icy roads better and cut through snow and slush more effectively. A snow tire’s deeper tread capacity enables it to dispel excess snow giving a performance level that all-season tires just can’t touch.

The same qualities that give snow tires their improved winter performance become far less appropriate when the weather turns warm.  Driving on your winter tires in temperatures above +7*C can eventually cause premature wear due to the softer rubber compound used in their construction. A good general rule of thumb for tire change-over time is; on with the candy - off with the candy. Install your snow tires at Halloween and take them off at Easter.

Snow tires can increase your stopping power by as much as 30% and traction by as much as 30-50% in winter conditions compared to all-season tires. On the downside, the more aggressive the tire, the more noise it will make on the road….but it will be a safer ride. Transport Canada winter tire safety tip advises Canadians to ‘always install your winter tires in sets of FOUR only’ of the same size and tread design. For more winter tire safety tips go to 


www.rubberassociation.ca/rubberroom/Winter_Driving.html, www.tc.gc.ca/roadsafety or www.betiresmart.ca

The peaked mountain with snowflake symbol imprinted on the sidewall of a tire indicates that it is a snow tire and will give superior performance in winter conditions versus an all-season tire.

Also, be aware of the time of year that you shop for winter tires and rims. While all-season tires are produced pretty much all year round, winter tires are produced for only a short period of time. Most if not all snow tire manufacturer’s offer mail in rebates at the beginning of the winter season.  So, if you plan on shopping for snow tires late in the season hoping for some end-of-season sales you may be disappointed to find there are few or none left in the size you need.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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