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Oil Changes

Almar Automotive Vehicle Oil Changes

An oil change or lube, oil and filter change is one of the best and most common and economical strategies for maintaining your car. Our hot and cold extreme Canadian climate usually puts us into the ‘severe driving conditions’ category, making the time and mileage intervals between oil changes just a little shorter.

oil changeA good, easy rule of thumb to follow is to have an oil change done every 5000km, or if you don’t do a lot of driving, every 3 months or so. Engine oil and the special additives in the engine oil will start to break down over time and become less effective - so time is as important as mileage.

The ‘lubrication’ portion of an oil change is more than just engine lubrication. The ‘lube’ portion of the service is also for the components of your car that need to be greased in order to operate properly and prolong their life. Most modern vehicles today don’t have grease fittings on things like ball joints or tie rods any more. However, there are always components such as hood latches and door hinges that will need to be lubricated.

One of the most important fluids in your vehicle is the engine oil. It not only lubricates moving parts in the engine, but it also cleans away carbon, dirt and contaminants. Clean engine oil will help internal moving parts last longer, resist wear, and protect them from corrosion. The biggest difference between types of engine oil is the viscosity, how the oil flows in cold weather. Some vehicles require specialized oil. The type of oil your vehicle uses can be found on the oil cap, in your owner’s manual or every reputable shop will know which one to use.

It’s just as important to change the oil filter as it is to change the oil. The filter captures dirt and carbon in the oil. Once a filter is saturated it ceases to clean the oil and just holds the particles, then the oil can end up by-passing the filter. Even the smallest particle in oil can do damage to moving parts over time.

free oil changeHaving your oil change preformed at a professional auto repair facility usually offer lots of extra benefits. Most repair centers will not only lubricate the chassis and change the oil and filter with quality products, but the technician will inspect a list of other components and systems and give you a full written report of the inspection.

Periodically, you may see oil change services advertised that are less expensive than normal. While we all like to save a few dollars be sure you are getting a complete service. Regular oil changes and maintenance inspections are the best service strategy for your car.

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