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Auto Maintenance and Auto Repair. Two givens for every vehicle new or old, that every vehicle owner will have to address sooner or later. One of which can be a conveniently planned service, the other a completely unplanned emergency.

Vehicle maintenance is a term that encompasses a broad range of regular and preventative measures to help keep a car that is running properly stay running properly. All vehicle manufacturers provide an owner's manual, detailing what the vehicles engineers require to be serviced or replaced regularly and when for optimum vehicle performance, safety, reliability and longevity. These maintenance services can include:

  • Oil changes - engine coolant flushes - cabin air filter & engine air filter replacement
  • Tire rotations - tire balancing - wheel alignment - timing belt and other belt replacement
  • Brake fluid flush - power steering fluid flush - Transmission fluid & filter service
  • Car wash and wax - differential service - lubricating locks, latches and hinges - brake service
  • Tightening chassis nuts and bolts - lubricating under-carriage components

When the manufacturer's recommendations are followed and service is performed as required, these measures help reduce the likelihood of premature part failure or a complete catastrophic component failure. And that means less stress for you.

Vehicle repairs also encompass a broad range of services your car will require over its life to keep it running properly for maximum performance, safety, reliability and longevity. Parts and components can and do regularly fail and no amount of maintenance can stop a part from eventually wearing out, cease to function or break down completely requiring your technician's attention. Methods of repairing these broken components can include: rebuilding, replacing, adjusting, restoring, removal of and diagnosing of, the failed part or component. Repairs can include things like:

  • Replacing brake friction material and hydraulic components - burned out bulbs
  • Lack of air-conditioning - in-operative blower motor - re-flashing
  • Broken drive belts - faulty water pump - spark plug or ignition wire replacement
  • Steering components such as a worn out tie rod end - noisy exhaust system
  • Suspension components like a broken coil spring or a worn ball joint - alternator replacement
  • and those notorious dash lights which can represent any number of different system failures

Addressing repair issues promptly will reduce the likelihood of the failed part or component from further damaging other systems in your car.

Our government licensed, well qualified service technicians provide the experience, knowledge and attention to detail to get any job done whether your vehicle is brand new or decades old.


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