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New Car Warranty Facts

Factory Warranty still in effect on your vehicle, no problem!

Don't be fooled by the myth when someone tells you, "You have to service your new vehicle at the dealership or they can void your warranty." It's simply not true.

Dealerships aren't the only ones who can perform scheduled services or repairs on your new car. Maintenance and repairs can be performed by any qualified service facility. Our provincially licensed technicians are qualified to perform these services as outlined in your owner's manual. We use parts and fluids that meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications. As a consumer, you are protected by law and have a choice on where to spend your money. If we identify any work covered under the warranty we will refer you back to the dealership to have that work completed under the warranty. That equals less stress for you and your pocket book.

Below are some new car warranty facts from 2 leading Canadian Automotive Associations.


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