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Auto Repair - Selecting a service provider

Vehicles need regular maintenance and Vehicles need periodic repair.

These are two givens of owning a vehicle and at some point you are going to have to find a service and repair facility to perform these tasks. And obviously, since you are here, you are well on your way to making a decision on selecting a service provider. Welcome to our shops website and thank you for dropping in.

Selecting your vehicles service provider can be a daunting, harrowing exercise. Your time, money and safety are at stake. It takes time and a huge amount of trust when searching for someone new to look after your car, likely your second most expensive asset. The best practice is to shop for a facility before you need one. You can make better decisions when you aren’t rushed or in a panic with a break down. This can give you and the facility (hopefully it will be us) some ‘getting to know you’ time, letting you get comfortable with the staff and the level of service they can provide.

We make owning, operating and maintaining your car safer, easier and more affordable.

Owning, operating and maintaining a vehicle is likely the second most costly thing that most people do, second to owning, operating and maintaining a house. We take great pride and care deeply about the workmanship and products we provide for our customers. Quality, attention to detail, experience, respect and ethical, honest business practices are at the core of everything we do.

We get to know you, your driving habits and your vehicle. Taking the time to accomplish this allows us to help you maintain and repair, when necessary, your vehicle on your time and on your budget.

Management and staff

Our government licensed, well qualified service technicians provide the experience, knowledge and attention to detail to get any job done. We look for unique qualities in our staff, that show dedication, an eagerness for challenge and a willingness to learn. We provide our staff with multiple computerized diagnostic and information systems along with the right tools and equipment to provide you with complete, expert diagnostics, maintenance and repairs.

And when you talk to management, you are talking to the owner's. Our personal investment in our company requires us to be as respectful and ethical as we can possibly be.....because you are our boss's and our investors. You are at the center of all that we do.

Our history

Be it ever so humble....a little bit about our history and our executive team.

Al Pilon is the founder and President of Almar Automotive. After obtaining his license during the late '70's, working predominantly on Asian and European vehicles, he further honed his skills and specialized in a variety of mechanical and technical disciplines on North American vehicles. After moving to Barrie with his wife in 1981, they settled into their new life in their new community and got down to the business of raising a family.

In 1998 an opportunity presented itself and Almar Automotive was conceived. Al operates his facility along with his wife Marg. And since Al's brother had dibs on Pilon Auto Repair in Elora, Ont at that time....... Al and Marg had to get creative with their company name......AL, MARg.....how about ALMAR. And that's the name that stuck.

We believe there is real value and sustainability in the basics and the basics are simple: Provide great service, quality products, honest pricing and respect for your time, money and trust.

From our beginnings in 1998 at the Petro-Canada station on the corner of Big Bay Point Road and Young Street to now, we have been providing our friends and neighbours with professional quality, hometown service and repairs for all their vehicle's needs.



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